(2004: Phil Duse Versus the Tyranny of DOD/DOJ) and Its Intelligence and Investigative Agencies

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The issue of perpetrators being held to account should apply to all Government ruses perpetrated under a false color of authority, particularly when it can be shown that the intent of the activity is to "impugn the innocent without letting the facts get in the way. A collective failure by the US citizenry to engage this serious issue at its roots would suggest the collective we need to lower our heads and accept a sorry reality that we" are, in fact, a witting party to this identifiable injustice. The author suggests perpetrators at fault for improper actions can be exposed and held accountable by their own investigative results, e.

The perpetrators should be publicly identified as dolts or a similar appropriate qualifying term: vigilantes; mental masturbators; to name a couple and their victims adequately compensated by Government for civil rights violation and defamation. Action as suggested here would go a long way towards preventing future un-merited activity.

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Americans, especially teachers, students, and news organizations, as well as other concerned citizens in general, who agree with the need for a corrective posture can act; they are encouraged to spread the word against the bottom line defamatory nature of ruse activity perpetrated by our Government against innocents. To become more knowledgeable on these issues, to voice an informed-constructive opinion, read up on the issues in this ebook and the other Phil Duse ebooks [ US Government Quacks and Dolts; False Color of Authority ] published by Fideli Publishing as well as hard cover books such as EEOC: The Real Deal —published by Xlibris—then spread the word with active fervor!

Let-the-chips-fall wherever. Black Box programs deal with the cutting edge of weaponry and associated technology, whereby mere knowledge of the weaponry under development has to be tightly controlled. The knowledge is limited to those with a requisite top-secret clearance coupled with a demonstrated professional need-to-know directly related to the specific Black Box program at issue.

A manager whom he knew well as a result of working for him for three years, when employed by DCMC two years earlier.

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As bait to get him to accept the position in the Black Box environment, this manager tabled a promotion promise from GM to a 14 level grade. He was later promoted to a GS level position when assigned to work out of their Manassas, VA office, headed by the person who later became the Black Box manager. Bendix hired him as a consultant, three days after he retired from the U. Army; three months later they created a supervisory position to retain his services.

In that the story describes, in vivid detail, a series of contentious events. An unqualified request for the examination was made to: 1 the Society of Retired FBI agents; 2 Maryland Institute of Criminal Justice and: and 3 the Virginia Criminal Investigators, they have, so far, refused to conduct an examination.

(2004/11: Phil Duse versus the Tyranny of DoD/DOJ) and its Intelligence and Investigative Agencies

The story reveals the names of those contacted, so-called professional polygraph examiners who refused to give the examination. Phil agrees to be available for examination by any qualified source; as long as the results can be revealed before a national audience, hopefully as a prelude to compensation.

Phil still waits for a qualified source to schedule an examination and will also request an opportunity for the examination be extended to any party who believes they have been damaged by their exposure in this book. But Phil clearly recognizes that it is probable other parties may be somewhat reluctant to agree to an examination that may expose the questionable activities of their current or former employers or provide conclusive proof backing his veracity.

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Phil does not otherwise claim to have documented proof or admissions of guilt to a legal certainty; but he can provide the previously submitted written report of the ruse activity at issue that was provided to DCMC management and the civil suit process. An example of a specific but typical ruse incident occurring in On September 26, , the author had been living under years of ruses plus suffering tracking devices in his cars and tapping of his phones to where the activity had become a typical part of daily life.

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The author understood that perpetrators routinely establish their ruses from surreptitious information gained through phone tapping coupled with mental masturbation beliefs on propensity for criminal behavior. The system on numerous occasions informed: A remote system is attempting to access Microsoft Generic Host Process for Win32 Services on your computer. What do you want to do? The options: permit access or block. And, on several instances when in the process of shutting down the system: others are on your system are you sure you want to shut down?

He then made reservations [via the presumably tapped phone] for dinner [26 Sep 03] at the Ft Belvoir Officers Club where he had been a member for over 25 years. Would the perpetrators view this information as an opportunity to engage in staging ruse activity? He assumed they would, thus had a pre-staged opportunity from which to view whatever wacko activity they would clandestinely attempt to engage in presented its self.

The perpetrators jumped on the bait like unwanted flies at a barbecue. He spoke briefly with a German waitress whom he have known for the last 25 years and a few minutes later spoke with the club manager who he had recently provided a copy on his book EEOC: The Real Deal for the small Library situated on a shelf in the bar area. Totally out of character, the club manager was unusually tentative and avoided engaging in the small talk which was his norm—the first clue that perpetrators were present and modified his chitchat posture as it related to interfacing with the author; therefore, Phil was firm in expectation that he would experience a ruse of some sort.

Then an individual sporting a pig tail hair style, sitting a couple of tables away, looked at the author brandishing a silly smile fake? This gratuitous action on his part was a second clue that perpetrators were present and he could have been one of them as he made no such greeting to other patrons sitting nearby. Plus, the term hello how are you doing has an added significance which will be explained as to its apparent connection to ruses later, Chapter 8, but at any rate the greeting is a possible ruse clue.

At p. Around , two ladies, over 50, I would guess, and a boy of 10 or so entered the anti-room area from the closed doors that otherwise restricted access to the dinning area until 6: p. The young boy and the younger of the two ladies immediately began to engage Phil in conversation, as if they were long lost friends or more than just casual acquaintances—unusual behavior, Phil thought, she was a total stranger to him and his wife.

Phil smiled and nodded agreement to her flimsy but cheerful explanation of why she was coming into the anti-room from the dinning area wondering why she considered it to be a concern of interest to him; his wife chitchatted amicably with the other two people in her group as they engaged her in small talk. Phil Duse Versus the Tyranny of Dod. Seller Inventory BBS More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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How to Become a Teacher Aide Ii. The Art of Investigative Interviewing. Black Box ] The home base of the story is the Washington, D. Available ebook formats: epub mobi pdf lrf pdb txt html. Bendix hired him as a consultant, three days after he retired from the U. Hiermee kunnen wij en derde partijen advertenties aanpassen aan jouw interesses. Law School In Plain English.

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Brand new Book. And ruses initiated by government perpetrator are appropriately qualified in this book as being the end result of "dolt logic" and "mental masturbators" pursuing old south habits from the yesteryears.

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The activity in this regard is defined in its salacious detail in this book so as to better expose the "bottom line" of how ruses are initiated and who is engaged to assist the perpetrators in their propagation. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Specifications Abridged Y. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Ask a question.

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  • (2004/11: Phil Duse versus the Tyranny of DoD/DOJ) and its Intelligence and Investigative Agencies.

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