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In what I behold there always is beauty; content with it all, I'm content with myself. So seh ich in allen Die ewige Zier, Und wie mir's gefallen, Gefall ich auch mir. As we have come to see ourselves as owners and masters of physical and animal nature, so also we have come to regard human beings only as objects to be manipulated and exploited. Perhaps the most perceptive ethical point Goethe makes in the de- velopment scenes of Faust exactly dramatizes Heidegger's argument about the exploitation of human beings: the easy transition from domi- nation of nature to domination of people.

The theme is introduced early in Act V by Baucis's description of the way in which Faust's recla- mation work has been carried out. In Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, Goethe's rejection of the on-coming dominance of tech- nology is emphatic. In order to pay attention to one thing, we must ignore another.

By techno- logical revealing, we conceal other ways of relating to the world. Heidegger is at pains to emphasize that his attitude toward tech- nology is not one of simple rejection. Goethe's attitude toward technology was equally ambivalent.

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It can provide the beauty and ecstatic hap- piness celebrated by Lynceus, but it can also bring death and destruction. Heidegger's less than generous attitude concerning what his thinking owed to Husserl is also pertinent. Robert J. Heidegger's response is intriguingly ambivalent. Reinhard May has argued a similarly unacknowledged debt to Eastern philosophy, and has conjectured that Heidegger resisted admitting this because of his conviction that in order to renew itself Western philoso- phy needs to return to its ancient Greco-European roots.

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Perhaps in the same way, it would not have been acceptable for Heidegger, who con- sidered his thinking a radical departure from all philosophy since Plato, to acknowledge a debt to Goethe, the chief representative of establish- ment German thought. Certainly, Heidegger's apparent agreement with Jaspers that Goethe is of no help in confronting the problems posed by modern technology was mistak- en.

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Dye Faust, ed. All quotations from the German text of Faust are from this edition. Philemon und Baucis haben gewusst, was sie schuldig sind, und haben die Freude des Lebens gefunden. Like modern men and women locked into the Gestell of technol- ogy, Faust resists being reminded of the wider perspective on existence repre- sented by the way of life of Philemon and Baucis.

Erlkonig by Goethe, read in German

See Sharr. Compare the later passage when Faust sees that the lindens are burnt down. Lynceus also appears earlier in the play, when he fails in his task as watchman by not warning Faust of Helen's approach. His role of observer and admirer of the world and its inhabitants, however, is the same—he explains that Helen's beauty so blinded him that he forgot his duty — Hofstadter in Poetry, Language, Thought xiv.

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During the building of a 16 km canal in the reign of Frederick the Great of Prussia, 1, workers lost their lives. Discourse on Thinking 56; hereafter abbreviated as DOT. The New Heidegger. London: Continuum, Borgmann, Albert. Hubert L.

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Dreyfus and Mark Wrathall. New York: Routledge, Dalle Pezze, Barbara. Dostal, Robert J. Charles Guignon. Dreyfus, Hubert L. Dye, Ellis.

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Henry G. Goethe's other well-known literary works include h Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer. Scores of banners of the marching societies, American flags and brilliant uniforms added to the beauty of the scene. Ich bin vielleicht zwei Jahre alt und gerade wach geworden. German is considered, after English, one of the key languages used in science professionally and in research.

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