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A salamander and a Star Trek uniform: perfect Christmas gifts for academics
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Pretend that Endangered Pink Branch Cactus next to the Shuttle is threatening me or my garments or whatever. Harness your protective love for me, focus those optical sensors, and fire.

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I must point out that the mammalian experience commonly referred to as love originates in the limbic system, not the heart. Also, I have neither. I am not capable of feeling emotions. My utmost apologies. Pull the trigger. That is an order. My stabilizers were unable to accurately operate the weapon.

Cave Splayfooted Salamander

How will I return home? How will I dress for dinner? How will I drink space cocktails? Sweet Saturn, Q. I shall truly die here. Tell them to bring food and beverages. And A dirty horchata. Its compressed data packet allows for maximum transmission range. There are no food delivery options. The days are all running together. How long have we been stranded on this blistering rock? You blew up my Limo. Send another distress call.

I have read stories like this, Q.

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Disturbing stories. Sometimes survival requires one to do the unthinkable. I am going to have to eat you. Might I suggest you conserve your energy whilst I continue sending distress calls? We are beyond distressed. I lay dying on this dusty griddle, my thoughts awash in all the things I never got to do. I never got to hover ski on the cream cheese glaciers of Delphia 6.

I never got to swim with the Sky Dolphins of Genesega. I never got to fifth base with Detective LaFemme. She was the one, Q. Put up a Holo-Projection so I can remember her face as I slide into the long sleep of death. Swing low, sweet Thanatos and be gentle as you rip me from this mortal coil.

Stand back and prepare for a rescue landing.

Perhaps but a figment of a fading mind, but at least I shall die with her sweet song in my ears. I mean taking pictures of cactus. Because they are endangered. No way to predict it.

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From Cactus poachers. My foundation is trying to save the Pink Branch Cactus from extinction by cactus poachers. Needle stealing bastards. Follow me to the shuttle. Like two Cloud Boats racing. The body of a goddess.

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Great Uncle Salamander eBook: Graham John Freer, Roy Freer: Kindle Store. The Adventure Game is a game show that was originally broadcast on UK television channels The Rangdo, who was the ruler of planet Arg and initially referred to as "Uncle" by the other Argonds. Every player had a chance to win, and winners received a "Green Cheese roll" or, in later episodes a "Great Crystal of Arg".

The face of a Queen. I need you to talk me up. Tell her how cute and kind and clever I am. Just preparing my droid for space travel. Bring up my successes organically. I feel a deep connection with nature. Breathing the fresh air, the smell of plants, the dirt beneath my feet. City boy, I mean.

Nocturnal wanderer: The fire salamander

City Man. City Gentleman. Nature is how I remind myself why I prefer the urban jungle. I mean, probably. I go to a lot of important events. Rub elbows with celebrities and the like. My battery powered buddy is all knackered. All that rescue beacon-ing, I wager. What were we talking about?

Big Tech’s Big Defector

I think eventually the Space Government will come around to the will of the beings. Of course not. That soporific shrub is for droopy wastrels. The type that drift through life with no direction, expecting other people to provide everything for them. Pineapple Wormhole in particular makes food taste amazing.

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It creates a mild, tingling euphoria and music becomes transcendent. Or so I hear. Never touched the stuff. I have heard naps about it. I mean raps about it. There is one song, though. It reminds me of my mother.

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When I was 6 she was killed by a shuttle pilot staring at his Holopad instead of the sky in front of him. I became a cop to try and make it better, but for every creep I put behind a force-field, a billion more appear. Who do you date- How do you date- how do you find time for relationships of a romantic nature?

So much sex but no commitment. They would deserve more than just constant primal fornication. You know, I feel like you and I are really connecting.

And it looks like you drooled on my dash board. What were you dreaming about?