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He remains one of my favorite authors of historical espionage. I pre-buy every new volume, although his last book, "Mission to Paris," about a Hollywood actor spying in Europe was the least satisfying. In "Midnight in Europe," the research is impeccable. The prose pristine. The psychological insight astute. The women characters intrigue; the protagonist wise and complicated.

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Again we have a chapter from the WWII playbook, a slice that evokes the whole: a sophisticated Spanish-born lawyer living in Paris moonlights in the arms trade in service of the Spanish Republic in While we know that Franco's fascists won this battle, and that the Nazi's will rise even further in the coming years, Furst builds suspense in the way that small acts of courage build to impact large strategic movements -- or fall by the wayside in futility.

Still, the romantic underpinnings of this particular volume -- between the lawyer and a mysterious Marquesa, and a Manhattan library worker -- seems particularly forced, as if even Furst had tired of creating these couplings. May 14, Terri rated it liked it Shelves: edelweiss. The expected publication date is June 10, This is one of those stories where I struggle with my comments and opinion The book was exactly as advertised.

A spy novel with numerous dangerous and sketchy plots in an effort to assist a war effort. Well written and easy to understand. An interesting venture in to a volatile time in world history. Based on this you would think that I would give it a glowing review. Somehow I cannot. There was just something missing in this story for me and I am not sure I can pinpoint what it was.

enter The characters did not interest me enough to become fully invested and therefore I did feel part of the story as I do with a truly outstanding read. I found the story dull at many times and that in spite of everything that occurred, nothing really happened. I will caution anyone who may read my review that just because I am not doing cartwheels over this story does not mean that I do not recommend it.

I think that this is one of those stories that may not necessarily appeal to everyone however could strongly appeal to some. It seems geared more towards a truly specific genre and doesn't offer a whole lot outside of it. Although interesting in parts, for me it was just a little on the dull side Spy novels are not really my thing.

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Still though I've read and listened to some that were really good and so it isn't a genre I'd deliberately exclude. Plus I do enjoy the historical aspect of them. This book was chosen, like a lot of my audiobook selections, based on the library availability, but it sounds interesting enough. It was in fact, but just barely so. Something about this tale of international agents struggling to get weapons for the Spanish republic army in , specifically one age Spy novels are not really my thing. Something about this tale of international agents struggling to get weapons for the Spanish republic army in , specifically one agent, Ferrar and those who help or deter him, just fell flat.

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The international settings were fun, Europe on the brink of WWII was a sufficiently dramatic backdrop and yet the entire thing felt distinctly disjointed and unengaging somehow. The audiobook narrator did a perfectly credible job and it's quick enough of a listen, but I don't think I cared all that much about it at any point. Maybe proper spy genre fans would like this one more. Abandoned about a third of the way through. Having a hard time connecting with the story. I thought this would be more action packed. The first third is rather ho hum Jun 17, Al rated it liked it.

I'm constitutionally incapable of disliking an Alan Furst book. Furst's strengths. With that said, MIE continues some recent trends in his work which to me, at least, are not positive. First, the mood and menace of his early novels is virtually non-existent here. Yes, there are some close calls, and some risky missions undertaken, but the overall effect is rather light.

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Second, the protagonist is a well-to-do I'm constitutionally incapable of disliking an Alan Furst book. Second, the protagonist is a well-to-do lawyer in Paris, whose involvement in risky business is pasted on to that of those who are really doing the hard work. One never feels that he has real skin in the game; he's more of a dilettante.

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Night Soldiers Lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach Night Soldiers. This teacher resource is based on the following edition: Night by Elie Wiesel, Bantam Books, , 25th. Anniversary Cross Curricular Activities/Facing History and Ourselves. Reading 1: German soldiers appear on the streets of Sighet.

By contrast, most of Mr. Furst's early protagonists were relatively ordinary citizens sucked into the Nazi-dominated vortex in pre-war Europe. They were frightened, driven and only a step ahead of capture or worse. This was exciting. Next, the plot involves individuals working in service of the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War. While this is interesting, it's not gripping, at least not in the same way that living in minute-to-minute fear of the Nazis is gripping.

Finally, it seems to me that Mr. Furst, for whatever reason, is spending more time and effort introducing romantic involvements three in MIE into his stories. I don't know why. All of them, save possibly one, were gratuitous and didn't advance the plot. Plus, writing romance and sex is not his forte.

Midnight in Europe

It's probably too much to expect continued, much less annual, high quality novels from Mr. He's written so many, and it must be hard for him to stop when things are going so well for him. I would never begrudge him his success; it's well-earned. Still, books like this are disappointing.

I guess we just have to be thankful for his earlier work. May 09, Cathy rated it it was amazing. The plot is so subtle you almost miss it. When he is finished you think, WOW, that was amazing. The nonchalant way the action happens draws you in and keeps you reading even though you know you need to put the book down and go to bed.

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This isn't one of those spy novels that is packed with non-stop action and leaves you worn out when you turn the last page, it is a beautiful story of a man pulled into a war and does what he needs to do. Midnight in Europe is a refreshing and intellectual take on the spy thriller genre. Alan Furst is my favourite author, so I find it difficult to review his books objectively. Midnight in Europe, while maybe not one of his best, ticks off all the boxes of a classic Furst novel: diverse characters facing tough decisions, gritty locales, historical context, sex, even pacing, and a Alan Furst is my favourite author, so I find it difficult to review his books objectively.

Midnight in Europe, while maybe not one of his best, ticks off all the boxes of a classic Furst novel: diverse characters facing tough decisions, gritty locales, historical context, sex, even pacing, and a brilliant portrayal of prewar Paris. The protagonist, Ferrar, was a lot more interesting than the movie star in Mission to Paris. The grittier the main character, it seems, the more interesting the story. Furst makes everything seem so plausible.

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Having read all of the books in the Night Soldiers series, the descriptions of the Brasserie Heininger do get redundant. Recommendation Night Soldiers the first in the Night Soldiers series is one of my top 3 favourite books. Mar 10, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: spy , world-war-ii , fiction. An emigre from Spain, he inadvertently becomes embroiled in working for a secret agency which is trying to supply weapons to Spain's army where war has already broken out.

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There is also a bit of romance in the mix. Furst creates good characters and is a considerate writer Set in Paris in the run-up to World War II, Furst offers a good spy novel which is one of the few I have seen that is easy to follow. Furst creates good characters and is a considerate writer who translates foreign phrases in case the reader is not familiar with languages other than English.

Apr 03, Amy Yingling rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , ratingsstars. Cristian Ferrar is a lawyer, a bachelor, a ladies man and now that Fascism and Socialism are threatening to spread their menacing reach across Europe he has added spy and arms buyer to the list.

Cristian was born in Spain but due to political turmoil his family emigrated to France. Wanting to help his home country of Spain in any way he can Cristian finds himself working for the embassy of the Spanish Republic in their fight against General Franco's Facist Army.