Quantum Mechanics (Advanced Texts in Physics)

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Preview this Book. Rajasekar, R. VitalSource eBook access code and instructions will be provided within the print book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Author s Bio S. Reviews "The second volume of this textbook contains many advanced topics of current research in quantum mechanics.

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John Gribbin.

Communications in Mathematical Physics

Michael E. Yoav Peleg. Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You. Marcus Chown. Quantum Mechanics. Introducing Quantum Theory. Joanne Baker. Our Mathematical Universe. Max Tegmark. Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Forms. Thomas F. Quantum Physics For Dummies. Steven Holzner. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

Not you? I do not know a proper book that goes along with the course Other's might recommend that. Shankar's Book "Principal's of quantum mechanics". It goes pretty well with the above online course. This is also a very nice introductory course taught to undergraduate students at Oxford. This might be something that will help you a lot. The book that goes along with the course is also available by the same author free of cost here.

Although there are tons of lecture notes available online.

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I found this to be extremely useful. IMHO,he is the best teacher. Best part in it is that he inspires the students to ask questions and the MIT students ask so many good questions,that also helps the person who is watching the video lectures. In the site you will also find books that goes along with the course. If you're new to this, start with University Physics by Young and Freedman.

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Recommended for you. We provide complimentary e-inspection copies of primary textbooks to instructors considering our books for course adoption. You'll cover electrostatics again, then learn about Laplace's equation , multipole expansions , polarization , dielectrics , the Lorentz Force Law , the Biot-Savart Law , magnetic vector potential , electromotive force , electromagnetic induction , Maxwell's equations , electromagnetic waves and radiation , and special relativity. The topics in this book are essential for understanding all of the rest of the topics in Undergraduate Physics - once you master them, you'll know all the math you need to know to understand undergraduate physics. Show all. Not available. The Elegant Universe.

The reason is that this book discusses the concepts without the rigorous math. Chapters 38 and 39 give you background of early quantum theory. Chapter 40 and 41 discusses quantum mechanics. That's how I suggest you do it. Quantum Mechanics is, unfortunately, on of the more difficult physics subjects. You have to build you knowledge from easier texts or else you will get lost.

Watching lectures is also an option. Stanford and Oxford uploaded their QM lectures in Youtube. Then again, you have to know calculus and linear algebra to be able to keep up with the lectures. Feynman's Six Easy Pieces is an excellent introduction to quantum mechanics.

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For an easy-to-understand discussion of the weirdness of quantum mechanics, Fred Kuttner and Bruce Rosenblum's Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness is excellent. Here's an Amazon list I put together with some books I've found helpful. Many recommendations have already been made. I like this book because it starts with all necessary algebra, then goes into operator formulation of classical needed in quantum, and then into quantum. I would recommend it over Griffiths for a person who is not great at linear algebra and is at the preliminary level.

After that Griffiths is fine. Quantum mechanics is a rather rich-in-concept subject which you cannot learn from a single book.

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muaatructanbele.tk: Statistical Mechanics (Advanced Texts in Physics) (​): Franz Schwabl, William D. Brewer: Books. Modern Quantum Mechanics. Dick emphasizes the importance of advanced quantum mechanics for materials science and all experimental techniques which Graduate Texts in Physics.

So in this answer I am providing a list of the books on the subject that I found to be useful in understanding the quantum world. It is an interesting mix, being written in a conversational, easy going and accessible way, with brilliant and insightful descriptions from a real master of the craft. However, it does not skimp on the mathematics.

If you are serious about exploring quantum mechanics, and fundamental physics more generally, this great place to look. It is a fun, though not so easy, ride. If you want to do more than "just calculate" as either Feynman or N David Mermin once might have said searching for the origin of the famous quote one of the best ways to flesh out your insight into quantum physics, IMO, is the recent, short and very readable "Beyond Weird - Why everything you thought you knew about quantum physics is different" by Philip Ball an editor of the journal Nature.

Even some profs of theoretical physics have acknowledged that it was the book they wished they themselves had written. He gets to grips with the niggling questions that always arise as you start working through the subject and I've found him particularly good on decoherence and the measurement problem.

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Quantum Physics Full Course - Quantum Mechanics Course - Part 1

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Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Viewed k times. What are good introductory guides to QM along these lines?

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Dirac was difficult to read, would not recommend as introductory textbook. That said, I'm a chemist, so what do I know. Of the four, Griffiths is the one I'd recommend the least. Shankar is the best. For a basic short introduction to quantum mechanics, you can't beat: Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol III This is very good and intuitive, and complementary to the remaining books.

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Landau and Lifschitz "Quantum Mechanics" is heavy on good exercizes and mathematical tools.