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A few tweaks will hopefully make the difference.

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I have always thought of myself as super outgoing. As we are able to buy the lost sets we will submit receipts to State Farm. Did you hear about the [other] Lego theft? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Who knew.

For a start off, I can see what worked for me and what didn't last year. Then Sara got me a top Christmas prezzie of a year's gym membership at the local leisure centre, so it's hello pilates, yoga, cross training and treadmill sessions. But, if all that doesn't bare fruit and I'm just chasing my own shadow again all year, then not only will this particular rambling of this nobody in particular draw to it's natural ending, but I would need to look at whether I'm at the right club - or even if I should be with a club at all.

Ribble Valley Harriers is quite a unique set up. It's small and it's all about winning things. Team wins, individual wins, age category wins I'm not going to win owt, but I need to be racing well with regularity at the very least - to me that seems a bare minimum requirement to justify the possession of that black vest Two main boxes to tick this year then and firstly, can I finally find some consistency? To generally finish around top ten at local level fell races and top twenty in some on Lakeland scene would suffice. The second box to tick is to dip under seventeen minutes for 5K on the road - yes, that old chestnut again.

I'm adamant I have absolutely no potential whatsoever to redeem any sort of form of old in road racing. But I know that I could still grind out a decent 5K without wrecking my body. Do I really believe I can do these things? To go through the entire claims process, to spend the time searching for and purchasing each of the old sets via Bricklink , to reintroduce the liability back into our home.

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My smart wife and several others convinced me it is worth the effort because our kids are already super into Lego and that interest is only going to grow with time. We were able to find everything from our known collection except for one single set. I have always known this in my core. Generosity is a muscle that must be exercised lest it atrophy.

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There were several comments on my original post, as well as emails, private messages, and more from people who wanted to send us Lego in response to our story. Some of you even sent us things without even asking first, likely knowing I would have otherwise done my best to dissuade you. There was no publicity attached to it and, as far as I can tell, these two sentences are the only place it has been publicly mentioned anywhere. We continue to be humbled by your gifts and have been enjoying playing with them quite thoroughly. If you are in a position where you have unused Lego, and you want to see new life breathed into it, we encourage you to seek out local foster parents or operators of after-school programs.

We probably have, actually.

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Now people will inform me about them on the regular. In most cases the criminals are robbing commercial institutions e. From there they might return the box with rocks inside, resell the stolen goods via Craigslist, ebay, Facebook, etc. I heard about at least one local-to-me case where a significant amount of Lego had been stolen from a warehouse easily x the volume and value of our collection. In that case it was thankfully recovered around 18 months later, when that thief was busted for an unrelated crime. And there are many , many , many other cases besides these.

It seriously happens all the time. Katie and I both had a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep in the first month following the robbery. It got easier after we added security cameras and a monitoring system for all our entry points. We now have a few thousand dollars wrapped up in these stupid security encumbrances and I hate that. I do still routinely wake up after a bump in the night, get a hit of adrenaline, and then have trouble going back to sleep after that.

But it is such a minor thing, too, compared to what so many other people live through and what it could have been. I remind myself of that on the regular to keep perspective. Not much, as far as this case is concerned.

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The thief may have taken our things, may have taken my time, and may have cost us a lot of money, but they will not rob us of the joy of play as a family. If you, thief, are reading this, I still — more than anything — want to know how you did it. Feel free to drop us an anonymous letter and give us some closure.

And sorry for calling you a dick to anyone who will listen. The past two weeks have been a blur. This is, by far, the strangest thing that has happened in my life to date.

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If you know anything about who did this, where to find them, or where to find our missing LEGO collection, I urge you to please contact the Grandville Police Department or me personally. Despite being clear that our insurance will cover us, many of you saw fit to bless us anyway. It is so encouraging to know you and be related to you.

fensterstudio.ru/components/bozirejet/foqe-rastrear-celular.php This section was originally 1, words all by itself. Before I go any further, I need to say this: we love and recommend State Farm insurance and have for years before this incident, too. In short, the process for restoring our collection will be based on reimbursement. As we are able to buy the lost sets we will submit receipts to State Farm.

After that they will cut us a check for money spent.

I asked the detective in charge of our case the very same question. There is a restitution process for just such a thing. As it turns out, this is both a straight-forward and common occurrence.

The most frustrating part of all of this for me is that someone was in our home, while we slept, and got away without us noticing anything. This is the only known break-in at this address since the home was built 60 years ago. And it will probably be the only one ever. And sleeping has become quite difficult now because every bump and creak puts us on high alert, tense dreams startle us awake, and so on. We purchased a combination of cameras and sensors from different providers.

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This mixture allows us to monitor all doors, floors, and windows. I intentionally picked parts from multiple systems to ensure redundancy. If one layer fails or is compromised another can still secure the area. Outbound signals for the security system will utilize its own 3G antenna if WiFi is unavailable.

Our modem and router have their own battery backup as well. If someone opens a door, or enters through a window, we will be notified immediately.

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In this easy to read history Beard cuts through the myths surrounding Pompeii and looks at life in this ancient town. Discussion of the eruption is confined to the​. Contact Ramblings of a Nobody on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Personal Blog. Page TransparencySee More. Facebook is showing information to.

If someone bypasses those security measures and makes it into any room in our house, the secondary system will still notify us immediately. And if someone can cut our power or our internet we will still be notified immediately. As a rational, thinking human being this bothers me to no end.

This is a totally emotional response to a statistical uncertainty. Many people asked us if any neighbors may have had security cameras pointing at our home. Do your neighbors have cameras pointed at your home? Would that make you more or less comfortable? Even HD cameras still capture barely-useful footage in that full range, which reduces the truly useful distance even further. I could go into a lot more detail about the limitations of the optics and sensors themselves but I think that much detail is useless and will sound condescending.

There are so many digital marketplaces for LEGO.

Holy smokes! I knew about a lot of places, but then people reached out and pointed out so many more.