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Liverpool’s symmetrical full-backs have turned them into world leaders | Barney Ronay

Chapter 2. Exodus and Revelation. As events in Genesis and the gospel of John parallel one another (ref. the author's pamphlet, “Genesis and John”), events in. Genesis to Revelation: Exodus and Leviticus Student Book [Keith Schoville] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Each of the 24 volumes.

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And yet that feeling remained. The trouser-splitting touchline mania during the defeat of Porto a year before Guardiola left Munich.

Or the wild, capering set-to in the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid the year he left the Camp Nou triumphant but exhausted. Guardiola is in his fourth season at City.

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Munich stretched to three. He has a newly built house in Manchester, loves the club and loves his group of players. There have been talks about staying in place until but with Guardiola it is important to remember he is generally in one of three phases of engagement, phases we might call Genesis, Revelation and Exodus. The first of these is the building phase, when his methods are applied, new systems put in place, bumps in the road negotiated for a while in his first season at City Guardiola literally painted a white spot on the training pitch where he wanted Raheem Sterling to stand.

The second is the High Pep period, those golden moments when the team are functioning at their perfect pitch. The final stage is the period of departure, a process of leaving that involves much emotional energy expended on all sides. It is tempting to conclude we are in this third stage now, that the Pep exodus has begun. And not just because of his previous patterns of behaviour.

In the most productive, gloriously watchable sense Guardiola tends to exhaust not just himself but those around him. By the end at Bayern club officials were openly briefing visiting journalists that enough was enough, that someone a little less demanding may be next in line. And after a while mistakes can start to be made, as they were against Liverpool. Undoubtedly City were a bit unlucky. There is no team on earth who can lose three key members of their back five and go to Anfield with confidence.

City still had 18 shots and might have had a penalty before the opening goal. But they also might have done things differently. Why did Guardiola only use one substitute, despite chasing the game from the start?

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Why is Claudio Bravo, aged 36, still the back-up goalkeeper? Critiquing any manager in this way is a rigged game. Only they get to see their players close up, to know their precise physical and mental state, to know the full details of the gameplan. These people are experts. The rest of us spectate.

There is a restlessness to this too. Guardiola is like an artist in the sense he seems constantly to question the limits of his medium. Why central defenders? Why give the ball away?