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Guns gleamed dully. In others, a meme that takes on a life of its own, and a family succeeds from the U. Languages Add links. David and his father talk, noting to one another that David's powers mimic those of his father—the ability to fly, the power to transform matter into solid steel, and immunity to bullets. The crime, seemingly without motive, would later be chronicled in Truman Capote's seminal book, In Cold Blood. Prof attacks their hideout and they are forced to face him with minimal preparation.

Rage 2, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 PC being the obvious, early candidates. After going on a mission to retrieve his notes, David convinces The Reckoners to try to kill Steelheart. In addition to hunting Epics, The Reckoners are in possession of advanced technology, which they say has scientifically been derived from Epic powers, most prominently the power to tunnel through inanimate matter, namely steel, using a glove-like item called "Tensors".

They used these Tensors to tunnel escape routes during missions, create tunnels used as traps, and to create hiding places. They also have a machine called the Harmsway, which is used to quickly heal wounds, and clothing that projects protective shields. The Reckoners create a plan to lure out Steelheart; the plan is to announce that there is a powerful new Epic named Limelight, who challenges Steelheart to a fight. To make Steelheart take the challenge seriously, they stage two attacks which they accredit to Limelight.

First, they blow up the power plant that supplies Newcago with a portion of its electricity. Secondly, they tried to attack one of the powerful Epics in Steelheart's employ known as Conflux; he is known as a "gifter", or "transference Epic" which gives him the ability to gift his powers to non-Epics and in his case, anything that runs on electricity.

The attack doesn't go according to plan because they were somehow found out. During the escape, Megan is killed, but they do succeed in kidnapping Conflux.

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It is revealed that Conflux was actually a captive of Steelheart, kept prisoner and used like a battery to power the city and the weapons of Steelheart's forces. With the capture of Conflux, Steelheart accepts The Reckoner's, or as he thinks, Limelight's challenge. They set the final battle to happen at the all-steel ruins of Soldier Field.

Before signaling Steelheart, they rig the stadium with multiple exits and various traps. They plan to test each of their theories about Steelheart's true weakness, including that some of the contents of the vault can weaken him, that he can only be hurt by someone who believes in the possibility of good Epics, that he can only be hurt by crossfire, and that he can only be hurt by the gun that David's father used.

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When they meet Steelheart, they try out all but one theory of breaking his invincibility, but none work. Prof stalls Steelheart by using the Tensors to fight him. The powerful Epics named Nightwielder and Firefight go after David, preventing him from using his father's gun on Steelheart.

David is able to kill Nightwielder, but Firefight turns out to be Megan, who is an Epic illusionist with reincarnation abilities who had infiltrated The Reckoners. Because of David's love for Megan, and because Megan had become less evil from not using her powers regularly, she lets David go. David joins the Prof in the fight against Steelheart, but Prof is killed. David soon finds out that their last theory about David's father's gun does not work.

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Steelheart takes David's gun, and is intent on shooting him with it, but shortly before allowing Steelheart to take the gun, David figured out that Steelheart's weakness is that he can only be killed by someone who does not fear him, and has rigged the gun to trigger an explosive. When the explosives go off, Steelheart is killed, due to the fact that it was he who pulled the trigger and thus was the one who attacked himself. When the dust settles, it is revealed that Prof is an Epic who had avoided turning evil by gifting his powers in the form of technology.

One of these powers is the ability to heal rapidly, and he used this power on himself just in time to revive himself and prevent the explosive blast from killing David by using a shielding power. David then tells Prof about how Megan is actually Firefight, which shocks him. David then runs off to find her and talk to her. When he encounters her, he finds that the reincarnation process messed with her memory and that she does not remember everything she has been through with David, only that she is supposed to be one of the bad guys. David tries to convince her to come with him and the rest of The Reckoners, but she refuses and David is forced to leave her. At the end of the novel, David reflects on what he has done. He and The Reckoners realize that they will have to continue to fight for the safety of Newcago because other Epics will come, looking to fill in Steelheart's place.

He then thinks about how he did not kill Steelheart only because he wanted revenge for his father or redemption for running away when he was little, but because he was fighting for his father's dreams of good Epics. This short story takes place between the Steelheart and Firefight books. In it, the Reckoners are controlling Newcago, attempting to restore a Human-Governed society. An Epic named "Mitosis" comes looking for David, wishing to know the truth behind Steelheart's death, as he does not believe that a human could have defeated Steelheart.

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Mitosis has a splitting ability, causing him to split into thousands of clones of himself. His weakness was music, as he was in a band when he was still a human. Book 2, Firefight , was published on 6 January After the events of Steelheart and Mitosis, David Charleston, dubbed as the infamous 'Steelslayer' by many, is searching for something to fill the hole left now that his revenge had at long last been fulfilled. Firefight, otherwise known as Megan, has since left the Reckoners knowing her cover as Steelheart's spy was blown. With the attacks on his team from Mitosis and Sourcefield, Jon Phaedrus, or known as Prof throughout the book, has eyes set on the common connection between them and Regalia, the Epic who rules Babilar, formerly known as Manhattan , and who has sent multiple subordinate Epics to confront the Newcago Reckoners.

Jon sets out to Babilar with David and Tia leaving Abraham and Cody behind to defend the city of Newcago to face Regalia, whom David suspects has a long-term connection between Jon and Tia, due to their seemingly knowledgeable information of each other. Together, they go out on boat to the city, where they discuss Regalia's powers of being able to control the water and water level, as well as being able to project herself upon the water's surface and see things near the water surface. The group finds it odd that she's turned the city into a less restricted community, turning it into more of a free haven.

Suddenly, nearby rooftops blaze and explode, and it's revealed that Regalia has brought in Obliteration, an incredibly strong and cryptic Epic who has a flair for the theatrics and is famous for desolating Houston , San Diego , and Albuquerque , not wanting to rule, but simply to destroy.