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With enough background for new readers, this book completes the story of the two families for those people already familiar with the first installment. Check our list frequently We are always adding new books to our list. Randle and Donald R. Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East W. More, he provides considerable testimony to support his claims. Alien Memoirs - Mulder was wrong.

The truth is not out there. It is in here. A humorous look and handbook for what to expect in your upcoming abduction. Peggy L. Alien Rapture tells of discarded constitutional rights, alien abduction, and genetic manipulation. Based on facts, this is a disturbing look into the eyes of an unethical government and a commentary on the current UFO crisis.

Crash at Corona: The U. Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion Paul A. LaViolette Ph. I became involved because I was going to prove that UFOs did not exist. This started me on my long journey of finding out what the truth is. But, then I had contact with the aliens and once it began, I balked and questioned everything that they were trying to tell me.

It did not take me long to realize I had to live a dual existence as I struggled to keep from looking like a nut case. For me, this is a frustrating journey and yet rewarding. I knew the road would be difficult and that there would be ridicule, but I keep steadily moving forward. Included in the book are discussions with the aliens.

Some of the topics covered are UFOs and the aliens who are piloting them2. Where the aliens come from3. How long the aliens have been visiting Earth and why they are here4. There are two factions of aliens here at this time5. Why some of the aliens are abducting6.

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When the airliner reached Kansas City, Col. The object was so bright he had trouble looking at it. In the pre-dawn hours they watched as an object maneuvered at 2, feet for between 15 and 20 minutes. There were red flames shooting feet from the rear of the object. Marine helicopters searched the area, but only saw a small forest fire. After rotations one light departed to the South.

The aliens take on our Bible, Jesus and The Creator of all7. The coming earth changes and what it means8. What the aliens have said about meditation, addictions, love, marriage, reincarnation and the soul. They investigate the extraordinary growth of UFO phenomena and explore the events and major cases that have formed the turning points in UFO history. See how the story has developed decade by decade, from the first cigar-shaped object seen in , to the wave of sightings in Washington, on to new breakthroughs as we near the 21st century.

Randles and Hough shed new light on the subject through unparalleled access to reports as well as previously unpublished material from experts and witnesses around the globe. Accounts from abductees, government officials, witnesses, and more round out this most fascinating and readable work. Air Force and UFOs. Keyhoe believed the Air Force was actively investigating these close encounters, and also came to the conclusion that the Earth has been visited by Beings from outer space for at least two and a half centuries.

Using anecdotal evidence, Kehoe intimates that the government may have attained and adapted alien technology. Flying Saucer s by C.

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Jung Jung's primary concern in Flying Saucers is not with the reality or unreality of UFOs but with their psychic aspect. Rather than speculate about their possible nature and extraterrestrial origin as alleged spacecraft, he asks what it may signify that these phenomena, whether real or imagined, are seen in such numbers just at a time when humankind is menaced as never before in history. The UFOs represent, in Jung's phrase, "a modern myth. Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton T.

Friedman has distilled more than 40 years of research on UFOs, and shares his work on a wide variety of classified advanced nuclear and space systems. The Incredible Light Beings of the Cosmos by Antonia Scott-Clark who has been researching the modern "light orb" phenomena for the past several years and has come to some astonishing conclusions. She has been photographing orbs for many years but started photographing them in earnest from the year onwards. She describes herself as always having been an incurable roving paranormal butterfly flitting from mystical flower to mystical flower without settling for long on any one bloom until orbs, which she prefers to call Light Beings, entered her life.

She took these very seriously and has conducted a private research into the phenomenon. The results of her findings are described in this book and also included are many of her spectacular photographs. With her friend, GoGos lead singer Belinda Carlisle, Antonia tells of her many adventures with orbs and answers such questions as: Can you see orbs with the naked eye? And tons more. Antonia gives instruction on how to photograph orbs, and how to communicate with these Light Beings of the Cosmos. Ghosts of the Air by Martin Caidin Imagine witnessing inexplicable events while piloting a plane thousands of feet in the air.

These are real accounts from pilots who have experienced strange phenomena: landing at an airfield that wasn't there; planes guided by dead pilots; Bermuda Triangle accounts; sightings of aircraft from the past; airfields haunted by airmen killed in action; ghost warning prevents plane crash; and more. In the last 30 years, new sightings have occurred and new information on old sightings has come forth through the Freedom of Information Acts in the USA, Britain and Australia. Sanderson chronicles hundreds of curious unidentified underwater object incidents, many which emerge from the water to fly through the air, and draws some startling conclusions.

Hyperspace by Michio Kaku Are there other dimensions beyond our own? Is time travel possible? Can we change the past? Are there gateways to parallel universes? All of us have pondered such questions, but there was a time when scientists dismissed these notions as outlandish speculations.

The Coronado Island UFO Incident

Not any more. Today, they are the focus of the most intense scientific activity in recent memory. In Hyperspace, Michio Kaku, author of the widely acclaimed Beyond Einstein and a leading theoretical physicist, offers the first book-length tour of the most exciting and perhaps most bizarre work in modern physics, work which includes research on the tenth dimension, time warps, black holes, and multiple universes.

Soft Cover pages Price Elder Gods of Antiquity This initial volume of a new trilogy reveals the flaws and inconsistencies with our present explanations for humanity's origins and Earth's development. Reexamination of geological, archaeological, and paleoanthropological records produced the Elder Gods theory, which explains Earth's past and humankind's evolution as the result of ancient contact with extraterrestrial visitors. This theory proposes that interventions by two different groups of otherworldly beings influenced Earth's development and humanity's ancestry. The first group emerged shortly after the Big Bang genesis, achieving great advancements that culminated in a coalition to assist younger emerging worlds. After billions of years, they contacted our solar system where life was first developing on a neighboring planet. Much later, those younger beings from within our solar system contributed to humankind's genetic lineage, and more recently influenced Earth's cultural developments after c.

In Search of Ancient Astronomies by Dr. Extraterrestrial Civilizations by Isaac Asimov In Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Asimov steps readers through a series of observations about the development of intelligent life here on Earth, and he extrapolates the data we have about ourselves into the question of whether or not intelligent life is probable somewhere in the rest of the Universe.

I was concerned that a year old book on the topic might feel antiquated--especially considering the advancement of astronomy in general and the data from the Hubble telescope in particular--but as with much of Asimov's work, his ideas are as fresh today as they were in Hard Cover pages Price Purchase Mary Sutherland's Books at the following link burlingtonnews.

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Gloria Ann Hawker lived most of her life believing that extraterrestrial life did not exist. Her bizarre and extraordinary experiences with the aliens began on the night of September 20, Gloria and two of her children witnessed an event that would turn their lives upside down and inside-out forever. That night was the beginning of years of fear, anxiety, feelings of insanity. Gloria Hawker kept her hellish secret through numerous abductions by these extraterrestrials.

Not until did she come to accept the existence of these extrerrestrial beings who share the universe with us. Are they manmade or supernatural?

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The Coronado Island UFO Incident [Preston Dennett, Michael J. Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , six people were. The Coronado Island UFO Incident - Kindle edition by Michael J Evans, Preston Dennet. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

But as he continued, I realized his story was different from the others. First of all, he not only had conscious memories of encounters, he had undergone hypnosis on seven separate occasions, and had uncovered a large volume of previously repressed material. Few of the people I had interviewed had explored their encounters so extensively. While he had a lifelong history of encounters, one particular incident on March 14, , provided a particularly large amount of corroborative evidence. I call this event the Coronado Encounter, and I consider it to be an excellent case.

On March 14, , Mike Evans and his wife were visited by extraterrestrials in their hotel room in Coronado, just south of San Diego, California.

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While most encounters of this type involve only one or two witnesses, this one involved six, most of whom also reported a lifelong history of encounters. Then came the medical evidence. All the primary witnesses suffered a wide variety of physiological effects as a result of their encounters including nose bleeds, needle marks, puncture wounds, flulike symptoms, high-blood pressure attacks, bizarre infections and more. These were all backed up by an equally impressive array of diagnoses from medical professionals. Evans was able to provide MRIs, x-rays, official doctor reports and color photographs of the UFO-related medical injuries.

As the icing on the cake, one of the witnesses underwent surgery to have an apparent extraterrestrial implant removed by Dr. Roger Leir DPM.